Maximum Course Load

There are maximum course limits in place for all ISS students. ISS students can take:  

  • A Maximum of three courses during the Fall and Spring semester
  • A Maximum of two courses during the Summer session

These limits are in place for pedagogical purposes. The ISS program is intentionally condensed into short, 8-week long courses. These courses, however, are also rigorous and can include up to 12 hours of course work each week. It is very easy to become overloaded on coursework, especially if also employed full-time. In addition, by taking fewer classes learning outcomes improve. Retention of information is higher, students are able to fully immerse into the material when taking a limited number of courses, and there is more time to consider overlap and connections between courses. 

If you have a special circumstance and would like to request taking more than the maximum allowed course load, you must gain approval from either Prof. Kurzer or Dr. Ryckman.

If a student is enrolled over the maximum number of allowed courses without gaining prior permission on the first day of the semester, then they will be administratively dropped from the extra course(s) after 48 hours. An email will be sent to the student informing them that they will be administratively dropped, and will identify from which courses s/he will be dropped.