Academic Research & Writing

Academic research and writing are both critical skills for both your success as a student and in your professional career. We've collected some resources to help guide you in these important areas.

Finding & Choosing Sources

The UA Libraries offers numerous for finding scholarly sources, newspaper articles, and other publications. You can also find tutorials on how to use popular search engines such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, and Web of Science. 

See also their tutorials on:

Academic Writing

Good writing helps you work appear more professional, better communicate your ideas, and be more persuasive. Watch our short video on writing academic essays and checkout the resources below.


Citations & Plagiarism

Correctly citing sources is important for allowing others to find the sources that you've used and for giving credit to the ideas of others. You are expected to always credit other people's ideas and theories, whether they are paraphrased or directly quoted.

See these tips from the UA Libraries for avoiding plagiarism and citing sources: