SGPP Graduation

Photo of Prof. Kurzer with ISS graduates

All graduates of the ISS program are cordially invited to attend the SGPP Graduation Ceremony, which will be held each May. This ceremony is for all master's and PhD graduates from the School of Government and Public Policy from December, May, and August of that academic year.

2022 SGPP Graduate Graduation Ceremony

We hope to have an in person, SGPP graduation ceremony in May 2022, pending COVID.

We will have more information soon! 


Regalia can be obtained from the UA Bookstore in the following colors:

  • Tassel: black (the color for all M.A. degrees)
  • Hood: white (the color for Social and Behavioral Sciences; please note that we are not Ming Blue, which is public administration)
  • Master's gown
  • Graduation cap