Student Testimonials


"Overall, the program far exceeded my expectations."

In our exit survey for the program, we asked students if the MA degree from the ISS program will be useful in their career, and whether they were satisfied with the teaching and curriculum overall. We have gotten very positive reviews. Their responses are below:  


"Overall a rather challenging two years, but well worth it."

Our students continually say that the ISS program is useful to their career in the area of international security. The vast majority of students, at over 95%, also said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the instruction, material, and course topics overall. 

With the feedback we have received from our students, we have also continually aimed to improve the ISS experience. Since our inception, we have developed a social media presence, created the ISS newsletter, began a jobs and internships email to disseminate job opportunities to the ISS community, and in Fall 2015, we upgraded our course delivery platform to D2L.

"Overall, the instructors and the delivery of each individual course was both challenging and extremely rewarding. Everyone was exceedingly helpful and I never felt as though communication was an issue."

All quotes were taken directly from our exit survey. For more in depth student testimonials, please check out the following video: