Christina Sciabarra

Adjunct Professor, School of Government and Public Policy

Christina currently teaches Political Science at Bellevue College where she also manages the Women's Center and Veteran's Program.  Christina graduated with a B.S. in History from the United States Naval Academy and is a veteran of the Iraq War.  She also holds a B.A. in Russian and Political Science from the University of Arizona and an M.A. in International Diplomacy from Norwich University.  She completed her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Arizona and her research focuses on post-civil war peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Christina conducted fieldwork for her dissertation in Bosnia and Northern Ireland and recently conducted research in Malawi and Kenya for a project on poetry and peacebuilding.  Her regional focus is the Middle East and she particularly focuses on conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction in the Levant and Iraq. She is currently working on converting her dissertation into a book manuscript and expanding the Post-Conflict Peacebuilding Index she created.  She is committed to teaching through experiential learning and is currently working on multiple research articles on the topic.

Christina was selected as a 2014 United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellow and participated in a UNAOC sponsored event focused on intercultural dialogue at the World Expo in Milan in 2015.  She was selected as a 2018 Jackson Foundation Leadership Fellow  and is the US program director for the Youth to Youth Initiative which focuses on empowering youth through promoting social entrepreneurship.