The ISS Program is designed to be flexible! You can take courses at your own pace and to focus on subject areas that are most relevant and interesting to you. As a result, there are no core classes or required concentrations.

Program Requirements


Must complete 12 courses (34 credit hours)

Must complete 4 courses (12 credit hours)  
COURSES Choose 11 classes from our list of courses Choose 4 classes from our list of courses  
CAPSTONE Capstone course required No capstone course required  

You have the option of choosing courses from one of our thematic tracks or you can mix and match to suit your needs. You can also explore possibly completing an internship as part of the M.A. program

Academic Policies

Read more about administrative policies for making satisfactory progress, maximum course loads, and transfer credits.

Completing the Program

Ready to graduate? Check out the steps you need to take to finish your degree.

We'd also love for you to join us at the SGPP graduation ceremony!