We are able to offer students the opportunity to apply an internship towards the ISS Master’s degree, worth three credit hours. To be eligible, the internship must meet the following conditions:

  • It is a formal internship, and not a part of the student’s day-to-day job/occupation
  • It lasts at least 200 hours
  • It is approved by the either the Director or Assistant Director of the ISS program

Once the internship is approved, the following must be completed to gain credit: 

  • Before beginning the internship, students must sign a Letter of Agreement that overviews the work to be completed. 
  • Once the internship is finished two Evaluation Forms must be completed. These forms are available below.
  • Finally, a brief report must be completed. This is the student’s opportunity to evaluate the internship in light of their completed course work, by drawing connections to their completed classwork and detailing what was learned during the internship. The report should be around 1,500-2,000 words in length. 
For further questions please contact Dr. Kirssa Cline Ryckman (ISS Assistant Director) at

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