Internships are a great way to gain real-world experience and credit toward your ISS Master's degree at the same time. Being an active student can open up internship opportunities with many organizations, such as the State Department, UN, and NGOs across many different areas.

You might consider looking at internships with: 

  • U.S Government Agencies/Departments
  • UN Agencies
  • Economic IGOs (e.g., World Bank)
  • Regional IGOs (e.g., OAS)
  • Human Rights NGOs
  • Political Campaigns or Offices

Check out the links below to explore some internship programs. Since the ISS program is fully online, you can move to anywhere around the world for an internship opportunity!

See administrative policies to learn more how to earn course credit for your internship.

Internships with the U.S. Government

Internships in International Governmental Organizations

Internships in NGOs and Think Tanks

Internships in the Private Sector