You can choose from courses in several thematic tracks. Visit our course schedule to see which courses are currently being offered.

All courses are three credits.

PA 561A - Climate, Policy, and Security
POL 521A - Transnational Organized Crime and National Security
POL 523A - Immigration and Border Security
POL 547A - Crime & Violence in Latin America
POL 593 - Internship
POL 599 - Independent Study
POL 910 - Thesis
POL 501A: International Security
POL 502A: International Strategy
POL 511A: The Psychology of Group Conflict and Cooperation
POL 516A - Strategic Nonviolent Conflict
POL 519 - Terrorism and Counterterrorism
POL 520A - How Terrorism Ends
POL 530A - Dynamics of Civil Wars
POL 540A: Global Political Economy
POL 542A - European Politics and Society
POL 544A - International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa
POL 545A - Security in New Democracies
POL 546A - Politics of Islamism
POL 548A - Politics and Security in Central Asia
POL 551 - Russian Foreign Policy
POL 553A - Media and International Affairs
POL 554A - Constitutional Low and American Foreign Policy
POL 555 - American Foreign Policy
POL 556A: Issues in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar
POL 557A - The Politics of Cybersecurity
POL 558A - Politics in the Digital Age
POL 559A - Democracy Promotion Policy in the MENA Region
POL 561A: Concepts of Human Rights and Security
POL 562A - Natural Resources and International Security in Latin America
POL 563A - Gender and International Security
POL 564 - International Relations of East Asia
POL 565A - International Politics of the Middle East
POL 567A - Emerging Powers in the Global System
POL 569A - Armed Conflict
POL 578A - Geospatial Intelligence - Foundations and Concepts
POL 579 - Intelligence and U.S. National Security
POL 580A - Mexican National Security
POL 581A - Domestic Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy
POL 582A: International Law and Organizations
POL 583A - Global Health Security
POL 588A - The Politics of Energy Security
POL 589A - Arming the State: The Global Arms Trade
POL 695A: Professional Colloquium